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IT Consulting

Let us be your Mid Michigan IT Consulting and Computer Service Firm

Everyone seems to know an IT guy.  They either have a friend or family member that has a full time job, or they know someone that is “good with computers”.  While this may bandaid the problem, it doesn’t fix the underlying issue.  Our IT expertise has brought us from NYC and Miami to Hollywood and LA.  Our experience allows us to quickly help you determine the right solution for you.



We are server experts.  Whether you have a simple server, virtual server, or blade servers, we can help.



Workstations and laptops are the most used device in most IT infrastrutures.  We can work with you to resolve your issues quickly.



Our certified technicians can work with you on any networking problem including firewalls, switches, routing, wifi, and more!


Phone Systems

From analog to VoIP, phone systems can be a pain.  Let us take a look at what your phone systems to make them work for you.



Your website is like an online resume.  From maintenance and design to hosting and troubleshooting,  we can help you move forward.



We provide both an offsite solution and onsite solution for backups based on the needs of your company.  Let us see what fits you!

Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you.  Your solution is just a phone call away.