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Remote and Onsite Support

Let us be there for you when it counts

With the increase in technology, support can be done both physically and virtually.  Whether you are in Michigan or India, we can support you.  That is why our philosophy is to create a secure network that allows us to monitor and manage each device on the network.  This design allows us to not only resolve issues quicker, but it cuts down on the cost for onsite visits.  Don’t worry though.  We still come onsite.


Onsite Support

We are ready drop what we are doing to get you back up and running.  Whether you are a contact client or a “per call” client, we are available and ready to server you.  Give us a call today!


Remote Support

We have the technology to connect to your computer remotely whether you are a client of ours or not.  Contact us today to have a technician conncet and help you out!


Remote Monitoring

For our contract clients, we go through the processes of documenting all their devices.  This allows us to monitor and connect to their printers, servers, phones, and more.


Remote Consultation

In some cases, our clients just need someone to give them advice.  While this service is included for our contract clients, we also work with companies on an “as needed” basis to recommend solutions.

Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you.  Your solution is just a phone call away.