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Bridging Business and Technology

Is your IT working for you?  Is your business reaching its goals?

Change the way you do business.  Let us manage your IT needs.

Managed IT Services

Our mid Michigan Managed IT Services provides complete support and maintenance for your servers, workstations, peripherals, and more! Let us be your IT Department.

Managed Voice Systems

From standard POTS systems to state-of-the-art VoIP systems, we can help you plan and implement the solution that works for you.

Managed Backups

Disaster recovery is a key strategy that needs to be planned out.  From backups onsite and offsite to recovery process and data integrity, we can help you put a plan together to keep your data available and safe.

Web Services

We offer many web services to help you create an online “resume” for your business.  Some of our services include Web design, Web maintenance,SEO Social Media Marketing, Logo creation, and more!

What can we do for you?

Managed IT Services

Need an IT department without the headaches?  Need advice on what your best options are for new technologies?  Instead of hiring a full time employee at $60k a year, consider using our services.  Our managed IT services allows us to get you the experience and expertise you need without the cost!

Managed Security Systems

Security systems are needed more and more today, but the cost can be high to install and maintain.  Allow us to work with you to install DVRs, NVRs, or CCTV systems to fit your needs.  Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to help you determine what fits your needs and budget.

Remote and Onsite Support

Don’t let your computer take over!  Contact us today to help.  Not sure what to do?  We can get into your computer remotely  or come onsite to walk you through it.  Whether you are a small company with a few PCs or a large firm with a datacenter, we can use our extensive knowledge to help support you.

Cabling and Wiring

Wireless not working?  Are things in your network running slow?  Not sure what a firewall is good for? Allow us to work with you to put your network back on the fast track to success.  With our managed network solutions, we can determine what is causing your issues while fixing it at the same time.

Website Design and Maintenance

In todays culture, your website is the resume for your business.  Don’t allow your online “resume” give your clients an impression that doesn’t fit your company.  We have worked with small startups to established companies to give them the upper hand against their competition.

Managed Voice Systems

Phone systems have changed drastically over the years.  Allow us to determine what your needs are to integrate the perfect VoIP or Analog phone system for you.  Whether it’s Voicemail to Email, Hunt groups, SIP phones, or Internet calling, we can help your phone system work for you.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

No one seems to worry about backups until they are needed.  We work with you to determine the type and style of backups that fit your needs.  This includes cloud based backups, onsite backups, and imaging backsup for both your workstations, servers, and phones.

IT Consulting

We work with many size companies to help alleviate their issues.  Sometimes this is a simple consultation to resolve a printer problem.  Other times this is a complete redesign of your IT infrastructure.  If you need an IT expert to help you get where you need to go, give us a call today.

Managed Hosting

Cloud based computing is the biggest rage these days.  But who knows what you actually need?  Let us work with you to deterine the best hosting services you need including: Email hosting, web hosting, desktop services, application hosting, and much more!

Branding and Web Presence

Allow us to work with you to create one-of-a-kind Ads, brochures, logos, business cards, and billboards.  We spend the time with you to determine what you want to portray to your client based.  We then put that on paper, print, the web, and more!  Contact us today for a consultation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

With the increase of new technologies, we are finding the need to constantly keep up with trends, hardware, software, and new IT options.  With that said, we find a few questions that are consistently asked of us.

Look through some of the common questions we get.  If you still have comments, questions, or suggestions, please click on the button below to get in contact with us to schedule a free consultation.

What kind of clients do you work with?
All types.  We work with very small businesses to large businesses.  To give you a clue, our main target clientele is 20-250 users as they generally get the biggest “bang for their buck”.
What is your turn around time?
This is based on the type and urgency of the request.  For standard requests (email requests and level 3 requests), we respond within 3 hours with remote and onsite support (during normal business hours).  For emergency requests (site down and level 1 requests), we respond within 1 hour and have support available 24/7 (additional costs will incur).
What are you service/support rates?

Our rates are based on two factors:

1) Are you a managed IT service client?  If so, the cost is substantially less for project work, service rates, and billable work.

2) What’s the urgency of the request?

For specific costs, please contact us to get more information.

Dont Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our support techs will respond to you as soon as possible.