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Our Story

JDB Technology is a Michigan based IT company that was founded in 2012, and has been working hard ever since.  Our main focus has always been to get to know our customer’s business needs first, and then integrate the correct solution.  This focus has not only given us great rapport with our clients, but it has driven more business to our doorstep.  With that focus, our IT and computer services have allowed our clients to grow and exceed their expectations.

One of the biggest strategies we use at JDB Technology is the “reactive VS proactive” model.  Many traditional IT companies are “reactive”, meaning they will fix it when it breaks.  While we cannot predict the future, we would rather be “proactive”, meaning we will try to to fix it BEFORE it breaks.  By creating a completely secure and controllable network, we have stopped problems before they even happen.

Tech Savvy

We have to like technology to support technology.  While it’s not our life… it’s kinda our life.

Problem Solvers

Troubleshooting is not a step-by-step guide book.  It’s experience and knowledge put to use.

Customer Support

Knowing our customers is key.  We focus on customer support above any other area of our business.

Proactive VS Reactive

As a technology consulting firm, we have to pursue excellence.  Personal connection, attention to details, and flexibility is what’s needed to stop reacting to problems, and start determining…



Let us help you lower your cost and downtime while increasing your performance and peace of mind!