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Cabling and Wiring

Network cabling, Video cabling, Phone Cabling, and more

Cabling and Wiring

Network Drops  |  Phone drops  |  Wifi  |  Server Room

Are you looking to expand?  Do you have the need for another network drop?  Is your server room a mess?  We can do simple cabling and wiring to new build installations and data center installations. Located in Lapeer Michigan, let our computer services help serve you!


Network Cabling (RJ-45)

Whether you need Cat6 shielded or simple Cat5, JDB Technology can help.  Contact us today.

Phone Cabling (RJ-11)

Analog phone installations require a different set of knowledge and tools…which we have.

Video Cabling (BNC)

Whether for a security system or a video system, we can help you get your installations completed.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic uses light to transfer data.  We have the ability to help you run your backbone.
Don’t let your frustrations get the best of you.  Your solution is just a phone call away.


Let us help you lower your cost and downtime while increasing your performance and peace of mind!