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With the way businesses are run today, we all know that one person who is constantly having issues with their computer. Somehow, they end up downloading a virus or have never-ending issues with the computer freezing, not connecting to the internet or even getting it powered on.  After a few broken keyboards, they then try to find someone else to help.  By the time 2 hours are wasted, they decide to try calling the IT guy, only to find themselves stuck playing phone tag with an IT guy that acts like he is too busy to even care about the issue.

We’ve all been hit with that well-known question of “did you try turning it off and on again?”. Obviously, you turned if off and on again since this has been common routine with IT support. What’s the point of having an IT guy that just makes the issues longer to resolve while being harder to understand? Isn’t that part of his job? The name ‘IT’ stands for Information Technology.  It seems like part of the resolution to the problem would be relaying information to the client.

With all these issues you end up paying more than you should with downtime and wasted employee time. With so many unnecessary headaches to deal with, there should be an IT company out there that can resolve these issues. You need a company that is easy to get ahold of, understands you don’t know everything about computers, and will not break the bank with every onsite visit or phone call. Don’t let IT headaches slow you down. JDB Technology has the knowledge and experience to help you grow by letting you focus on your business instead of being the “IT guy”.   Give us a call today.