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Web Services

We offer many web services to help you create an online “resume” for your business.

Some of our services include Website design, Web maintenance, email hosting and more!

Bridging Business and Technology

Is your IT working for you?  Are you happy with your web presence?  Is your business reaching its goals?

Change the way you do business.  Let us help you.

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What can we do for you?

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the current trends on the web.  Let us help you do the same.

Website Design

In todays culture, your website is the resume for your business.  Don’t allow your online “resume” give your clients an impression that doesn’t fit your company.  We have worked with small startups to established companies to give them the upper hand against their competition.

Software Development

We have professionals that can help you fill the gaps in performance in your company.  Let us assist you in creating software that helps things run more smoothly and efficiently!  To take a look at our most recent project, visit: machine-insite.com.

Managed Hosting

Cloud based computing is the biggest rage these days.  But who knows what you actually need?  Let us work with you to deterine the best hosting services you need including: Email hosting, web hosting, desktop services, application hosting, and much more!

Website Maintenance

As we’ve said before, a website is the online resume for your business.  And just as you want a website that fits your company’s needs and aesthetics, you also need to have protection for that resume – someone who can check in and make sure security and other updates are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the increase of new technologies, we are finding the need to constantly keep up with trends, especially on social media.  With that said, we find a few questions that are consistently asked of us.

Look through some of the common questions we get in regards to our web services.  If you still have comments, questions, or suggestions, please click on the button below to get in contact with us to schedule a free consultation.

What kind of clients do you work with?
All types.  We work with very small businesses to large businesses.  For IT, our main target clientele is 20-250 users as they generally get the biggest “bang for their buck”.
Our Web and Marketing Services, on the other hand, benefit any size company equally.
Who owns the websites you design?
You do! Unlike many services out there, when you hire us to create a website, all the content is yours.
What does the annual fee cover?
An annual fee on your website ensures that your website is staying safe and secure with maintenance, that you have access to your personal account manager, and that you have varying levels of account support, depending on your needs. You also will receive monthly notices and updates as maintenance is completed.
Is there training provided for our editor?
If you have an editor for your website, we have you covered. When you hire us to create a website, we offer one 3-hour session to familiarize your editor with the site, with additional resources available for your use.

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